Sunday, June 30, 2013

Been Busy Building THE PEACEABLE

This is the east side of the house, our private Master bedroom entrance back in the fall
! Can't believe it's been since October that I've written on this blog! But then, we broke ground at The Peaceable in November, and my days have been full to save the least! Also in October, we sold VOW UNBROKEN, my first historical Christian romance, to Howard Books, a division of Simon and Schuster. So revisions and writing book two--and now book three--has also kept me busy. I have a photo journal of our new home since breaking ground until now on my FaceBook Pictures/albums/The Peaceable.

God's given me a song for it, too : ) Here are the lyrics"
                   God’s given us The Peaceable,
                   His presence is here.

                         Sweet haven from Heaven
                         His love is so dear.
                                Just listen to the wind’s song
                                In the whispering woods,
                                      And spend your days
                                     ‘Side the Pool of Praise,
                                              Giving all the glory to Him!

Call me and I'll sing it for you! I love to sing and I love to share His songs, and I love to give Him glory! I love everything I do  giving Him glory, but I know I don't ALL the time, but that's still my desire. He's promised to give me the desires of my heart, so one day - - - I know one day - - - I'll look just like Yahshuah, perfect and pure without spot or wrinkle because I have a wedding to go to and "I" am the B*R*I*D*E! You can go, too! Just ask me about it and I'll tell you all the story! Love and hugs top all! 

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