Sunday, July 28, 2013

Moving to The Peaceable

Mercy, Lord. Have mercy on me, a mover!

Well, it's Sunday and we've been living at The Peaceable for a full week now. I've got the livingroom going on! I've hung pictures and art and special things. I've cleaned and organized the bookcase and am amazed at how many books I have that my friends and colleagues have written. I am so blessed! I've decorated and it is a pleasant, comfortable place to sit!

This is the wall to the right if you walk in the front door. That antique mirror, Ron and his dad refinished when he was 10 years old. The next picture on top is an oil I painted of my Matt and Greg at the age of 5 and 4. Beneath it is a little box that holds little ceramic animals. Once back in the 70s, we were snowed in at Mama's house and we all painted 'scenes' in some of the little divided squares. Ron painted a fall woods (deer) and a summer tree (squirrel) Mimi Lady - my mama - painted a seascape (seal), Grandy (my daddy) painted a snow scape (rabbit) and I painged a meadow (horse) and a country road (hedgehogs, a mother with babies). So it's very special! Next to it, an art project Ron did in high school that I just love; it's of a couple sitting on a porch swing. And then a small round mirror framed with shells that MawMaw (Ron's mother) made and gave to us. It's a very special wall with that bookcase holding all the autographed books written by our author friends! And our's too, of course : )

This is the wall to the left of the front door. I put all our 'bird' art together - original oils. Ron painted the cokateil and cardinal, I painted teh snow bird and hummingbird, my sister-friend Elaine painted the seagull, then I added an eagle with scripture, the green birdhouse (it went so well), a pair of ceramic birds and a lil birdhouse picture. On the mantle, some green glass bottles from my collection, Ron's parents' windmill picture with a onyx vase my Red River County sister-friend Naomi gave me and a mirror and green bird (to tie in with the birds over on the wall : ) Then on the other side of the fireplace, pretty metal shelves that Dana gave me with family photos on it. And flowers on the hearth on the far corner. I just love to sit and gaze at that fireplace. It is a work of art, and I'm amazed at my husband's multi talents

Can't say the same for the rest of The Peaceable yet, but slowly, step by step, item by item, stuff is finding its place here - well some of it. Other stuff is finding itself in a box to be hauled to the Friends of the Clarksville Library Thrift Store one day soon. It is wonderful to be here - as of yesterday we have both Hughesnet internet service  AND Direct TV service up and running at the same time! I've been without the internet EIGHT days this week and without TV four days. Until yesterday, never both at the same time, so this is good : )
Still have lots to put up and organize but little by little, and I LOVE having a dishwasher again!!! Greg and Ben are running through playing. We've got so much R*O*O*M here!

We are staying cool as The Peaceable is very well insulated. I have lists of my lists of what I need at Walmart and Lowes and Things to be Done here at the house. We got the shower up and running Thursday, so I don't stink anymore ; ) tee hee hee We have EXCELLENT water pressure - good shower! Since we're like almost 1000 feet from teh meter, wasn't sure how that was going to be.

Our first guests were firstborn son Matthew and his Dana and her mama Margie. They came last Saturday - or was it Sunday? Could've been Monday, my days are scrambled. Anyway, they brought hamburgers and chips and we all ate together It was a blessings not to have to worry about the meal that evening. Then granddaughter Mercedes surprised us early Friday morning as our first out-of-state guest! She drove straight through from West Virginia and we were thrilled to get to hug her. Ya'll might remember she had a horrible car accident swerving to miss a deer and busted herself all up and y'all prayed for her. We were thrilled as were all her brothers to see her. She went on into town and is coming back Monday to spend the night on her way back home.

Saturday evening, last nigh, our first dinner guests were Matt and Dana who shared a Mexican casserole, salad, and fresh steamed squash Naomi Lawler - neighbor NOW and friend, brought to me from her garden. They brought us a water filter : ) but it wouldn't fit on our faucet : (   We're not used to the taste of the water here. It isn't wonderful right off like it was in Lydia. It actually reminds me of something nasty, but I'm trying to drink it - the coffee is very different! Naomi came over after they'd left to pick up a smaller casserole I made for her while I was making ours. And I made banana pudding for us and one for her and Don, too : ) 

So our first week at The Peaceable has been a good one. Lots of hard work and we're plenty sore, but "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Praise Him!

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