Saturday, October 20, 2012

God said, "So I want you to go up!"

        Oh, the Lord never ceases to amaze me. His lovingkindness is never ending toward me and my most precious husband Ron! He is providing a new home for us because He is our beloved and we are His! We'll be moving to a 34 acre property about 5 miles south out of Clarksville, Texas, the County Seat of Red River County, since the early 1800s known as the 'Gateway to Texas! It still gives me chillbumps when I bring that up as we know that we know God led us here and has a divine purpose for us to serve Him here in revival. 
        He even gave me a new song about it. I wish I could link to it, I have it on a file in my computer, but don't know how to attach it. (if any of you can help with that, feel free to e'me at or call me at 469-867-2624 : ) I can put the lyrics herein though:

               I heard my husband praying.
                   He was praying for God’s Spirit;
              Praying for God’s Spirit to move in a mighty way.
                   Said, “Lord, I want to be a part of a great revival.
              I want to share the Good News and teach Your children how to pray.”
                            Oh, the way of the Lord isn’t always easy.
                            Sometimes what He asks of you requires sacrifice,
                           But if you’ll trust and follow Him where ever He leads you,
                           You’ll know freedom, peace and joy, and all the blessings of life.
 And the Lord answered     2nd verse
             “There’s some people who’ve been praying.
                    They’ve been praying for My Spirit;
               Praying for My Spirit to move in a mighty way.
                    So now I want you to go up into Red River County.
               I’ll shine my light bright to show you the way.”
                                            Chorus then 3rd verse
               So we packed up all our bags
                    And loaded up the livestock.
               Took our sons and grandsons, too, for a brand new start.
                    Our heart’s desire was to obey, do His will, bring Him glory,
               So we headed north to parts unknown on a sunny spring Sunday.  
                                            Chorus then 4th verse
               So here we are now and we’re prayin’
                    We’re praying for God’s Spirit;
               Praying for God’s Spirit to move in a mighty way.
                    We’re going to lift His name up high, then He’ll draw all men to Him.
               He’ll forgive them all their sins; pay all their debt they could not pay.
                                            Chorus then 5th verse
              Won’t you come and join us prayin’?
                    Come, let’s be praying for God’s Spirit;
              Pray together for God’s Spirit to move in a mighty way.
                    In unity we’ll welcome God’s Holy Spirit
              He’ll teach us how to love, where to go, and what to say.
                                   Chorus         The End

        So in March of 2008, we followed His bright light to Red River County and have lived in Lydia almost 5 years now. The very first week in our little country farmhouse, we had a tornado and it snowed! It's a beautiful place we call the Lydia Branch of our River Bottom Ranch. ( It wasn't an easy thing to do - leave our life-long home to go to a place where we knew no one, had no job waiting, and no 'padding' in a savings account to help us get by, but we knew who told us to go and that He alone is our Jehovah Jireh!

We could not love it more here! And while I must admit, I thought REVIVAL would have already come including miracles galore! He said we'd do greater works that He had which to me, means dead raised to life again, cancers healed, blind eyes opened and all the rest! And it hasn't - YET! But the more days that pass without it's beginning excited me all the more because I know that it's one day closer!

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