Monday, October 13, 2008

Hey there Family and Friends!
What a beautiful day it is in Lydia, Texas, bright and blue, full of things to do! Such as catch up on laundry and house keeping after a wonderful weekend spent in Princeton, Allen, McKinney, Irving, and Colleyville where I attended the absolutely spirit-filled wedding of my nephew Jedidiah Barnett and his new bride Jessica. So great seeing all the family and hugging necks, laughing and sharing.

Friday afternoon, dropped off Tony Romo - the goat, not the football player - at my new friend's in Princeton. Erica Elizabeth and I met online, and this was the first time we got to meet face to face and get/give hugs!

That evening, celebrated Shabbot at home of Jeff and Dena Morrison complete with spaghetti dinner that included THE best garlic bread I ever ate (and Jeff spilled the recipe! : )

Then to Bobbie D's where Grami, Mammy, and MeMaw had a slumber party - up until after 2 a.m. and had t
o awake by 6:30 to get to the Roach Juevenile Detention Center in McKinney by 7:45. Silly grandmothers! You might think we'd be a little smarter than that, but oh what giggles, oh, what fun!

Saturday morning with the Faithful Frie
nds ministry, was blessed to visit and share God's Word with 7 young girls incarcerated for various offenses including attempted suicide, drugs, probation violations. Such young lives already in such turmoil. They so need more of God's Word to make it. Time was too short there.
A mad dash to Irving followed lunch and some last minute work/shopping to finish off wedding gifts. Showered and changed at Daddy and MamaC's then rode with to the church. I've never attended a wedding where the presence of the Lord was any thicker. Their vows were beautiful, everything was perfect. The reception was at a Winery and the laughter was loud! What fun! see Bride and groom, Jed & Jessica; 3 of my beautiful granddaughters Caryn, Naomi, Joi ; Sissers Caryl, Gayla, & Cathy, groom's proud mama! see Grandy & MamaC in blue; and my Russell & his Ashley (new girlfriend : )

Sunday morn, slept in til 8:30! Waffles with Daddy then to get son Matthew with last huggins of grandsugars Naomi and Seth. Went to River Bottom Ranch. Later picked up Christian and Benjamen (smallest 2 of my boys - the other 2 were deer hunting with O'Pa back home) from other Grandmother who loaded us down with goodies.

There, had a wonderful parking lot visit and hugs with Cristi and her beau Richard. Haven't seen her in a long while and was so thrilled to get to hold her and hear all the latest. Then headed home. Praise God that Benjamen fell asleep for the 2+ hour trip!

After unpacking, Ron and I visited a new little country church - Life in the Spirit I think it's called. Very sweet presence of God there and they asked me to come up and sing! (Ron told them I ALWAYS had a song! : )

So here I am on a Monday, with much to do, but most important is a quick visit with you! So I took time out : ) May God shower favor on you today and bless you with His very best! Hugs! Peace and joy!