Monday, June 23, 2014

Update: First-half of 2014

The Graduate & Grami
At the historic Williams House in DeKalb,
I had the most awesome launch party.
Well, it has been a while! I've been so busy with the debut of VOW UNBROKEN in March and then the NETWO (North East Texas Writers' Org) conference in April, recovering in May :) and graduation in June - our oldest of the four grandsons, Matthew Ross, graduated 10th in his class - a Class Favorite and Most Handsome and Baseball All-district and MVP - and already has his freshman college year behind him for all the extra classes taken in high school! He's just amazing!

Grami and Atticus at the
Denton Launch Party at
Zera's! My #14 grandsugar!

Gregory Brahm

Gregory Brahm, the 15 year old requested in March to go to move in with his other grandparents - the granddad (82 yrs, old) fell and broke his hip and Gregory thought he could be of some help so we let him go to live with them in March, this means that O'Pa and I are down to two precious boys, 14 yr old Christian and 11 yr old Benjamen going to Junior High (ooops, I mean middle school) next year - well, this year in August :)

Benjamen is getting to be so big, 12 this December!

Christian helping me transplant jonquils as a border.

On June 22nd, 1968, right out of high schoolAI

O'Pa and Grami, married 46 years, together 48
since the age of 16! He's still the one!
Yesterday, Ron and I celebrated our 46th wedding anniversary. A quiet, sweet day.
We've enjoyed the years God has given us and look forward to many more, why we married so young, we could easily have a great 70th wedding anniversary! We'll only be 88!!

On his way to the barn with his "Faith"ful sidekick.

He's been working on his new barn here at the Peaceable. Goes out and does a little at a time most days and it keeps getting more and more built. Maybe I should take his example and paint a little trim work every day starting with the primer, then the enamel and over time, doing a little each day, it'd get done :) He made himself a rock path so he wouldn't track mud into the house. This end closest to us is roofed and has two walls up.

This view is the south side, the drive goes all the way through 

He's making it 16' foot in the center - plenty of room to drive his tractors through. Then each side has 12 feet. The side on the left is the one already roofed and has one whole exterior wall and part of a second up. He used rustic tin for the exterior skin, so it's dark and reddish and looks so cool. That side will be his Workshop. He's already started several projects :) The loft is going to be a fun place to be! I'm campaigning for a window at both ends!
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This is the view of the east side of house that has our private, bedroom entrance Behind me, there's a complete maybe 12 feet of natural woods so you can only see the shape of the barn and that it's dark from the house. We do love living back in the woods! It'a always peaceful and shady. But of course, I named it The Peaceable.
     "And my people shall dwell in a peaceable habitation, and in sure dwellings, and in quiet resting places;" Isaiah 32:18

The boys left to go visit their other grandparents the day school was out--actually even before--and we haven't heard much from them at all! O'Pa is still enjoying the quiet, I'm missing the boys, although I must admit the quiet is nice. Just wouldn't want to have it year-round :)

I'm working hard on HEARTS STOLEN edits and getting ready to market it, too. It releases in September. Most who've read the manuscript are saying they like it even better than VOW UNBROKEN. I hope every novel that I write gets better and better and better - Ron, too :) I'll reveal the new cover pretty soon, I'm THRILLED with it! Same man did it who did VOW's, Kirk Dou Ponce has a gift from God. His company is

Well, hope I caught you all up properly. God bless you! He sure has been blessing me! :) Hey, I've discovered Pic Monkey to make banners and such and you can play with your headshots and such Isn't this one fun? :)
Pretty starry, right? Notice how most wrinkles
miraculously disappeared, too? :) Fun!