Monday, October 15, 2012

Fathers' Day Roller Coaster Ride

          Well, I know I'm doing things all backwards, but such as it is when you're sixty-two and because life is so busy you forgot you had a blog. Once I get through all the important stuff that has happened this year, then I'll be keeping up from now on because I NEED to get going on being dedicated to it! SO:
Treated Daddy to his favorite breakfast at Le Peeps in Bedford.
        Ron and I went to his brother Bruce's home in Colleyville (about three hours from our place in Red River County) the weekend of Fathers' Day so I could take Daddy (he's 84 this year) out to breakfast and dote on him a little. I used to see him all the time - like every day before we moved up to Red River County and he really misses me - and I miss him!

(L-R) Bruce, Ron and me, Grami - a.k.a. Caryl - at the Acquire table
         Whenever we get together with Bruce, we ALWAYS play Acquire. It's a game of high finance that we've been playing more than 35 years - and we've got score sheets from that far back : ). I highly recommend it : ) So, after breakfast, we were playing a few games (only takes us about 45 minutes) when Ron jumped up and started pulling his shirt off going, "Whew, my, I'm so hot." He went and hung his head over the commode thinking he might throw up. He cooled down a bit and put his shirts back on going to the living room to sit down. I went to and put his symptoms in while Bruce searched for an aspirin, calling neighbors when he couldn't find one. Feeling how crazy Ron's heart was beating, I told Bruce to, and we decided to get to the hospital.. Bruce (the older brother) insisted, Praise God! 
        When we arrived they took him right back and on finding his heart rate at 232 beats a minute; I heard a nurse say he was in V-tach, but didn't know what that meant. I never was afraid. Ron wasn't hurting and never lost consciousness - which amazed the doctors we later found out. They put the paddles to him and shocked him back into a normal rhythm then admitted him to ICU. The next morning, they did an angiogram, determined there were no blockages, and scheduled him for a defibrillator/pacemaker implant which took place Monday morning before noon. Tuesday, we left the hospital for a week re-cooping at Bruce and Carol's (Isn't that funny? There are two Caryl McAdoos though we spell them differently : ) 
        Ron not being able to 'work' farming or cutting Bois d'arc fence posts was the reason we were able to finish the historical Christian romance VOW UNBROKEN in such a short period of time. BTW, he had his 3 month check-up and all the docs were amazed at how quickly and how much he had improved. All the glory goes to God.
          I know that I know God is not through with my wonderful husband yet! We have had a vision and it has not come to pass yet. We know God brought us to Red River County in March 2008 for His purpose and we both believe it is for us to be here when the revival starts. What do they call Red River County? "The Gateway to Texas!" I know that I know I will have awesome testimonies to share here on Grami's Gabbin'! Stay tuned for all the excitement! God isn't finished yet!

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